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Luxury Organic Balloon Styling

Organic Garlands Start $35 per ft, 15ft minimum ($500 minimum)
Pricing does not include delivery ($3 per mile, $30 minimum),
strike fee ($ varies to return and clean up) plus taxes.

We provide professional balloon styling decor, specializing in trending organic structures! Using the highest professional grade 100% biodegradable latex balloons and many customizable other options, we build your balloon artistry dreams to fit your personal event!

Pricing is subject to change and tailored to fit your personal balloon requests.  

Anniversaries, Grand Openings, Weddings, Gender Reveals, Birthday's and celebrations of all kinds!

All sales are final.

$250 Drop & Go Garland
6 ft, 2 standard colors, 2-3 sizes (5", 11" & 16")
Plus delivery and taxes. Installation offered at added cost.
Strike fee option is not available.
*Possibly subjected to colors/sizes available on hand
*to book, must be paid in full with signed agreement form

Valiant General Price List-6.png

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