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About Me

Hi! I'm Amber, the Boss.Mom.Artist behind Valiant Designs, llc! As a child, I knew that art was a part of who I am but never knew what that actually meant for myself. I've always been a creative soul and truly only feel right when I can create. Many moons ago, I pursued make-up artistry and worked many different aspects in the field. After I became a mother, I knew I could not balance life with a newborn as a MUA and an unknown and chaotic schedule. So I became a SAHM and after a couple of years, I yearned to fulfill that creative side of me again. One day my husband surprised me with a face painting kit. He knows me so well! Joining my love of make-up and working with children was magic. Not only did it fulfill my creative side but the joy it brings to others is truly the best reward!! When our world stopped in 2020, I had to pivot and turned to balloons. I quickly found that balloons saved my sanity, gave me a creative outlet and I found comfort in working with them. When realizing the joy I can still give to others through this medium, I was hooked and here we are!

I have two amazing children with my amazing husband, whom I've been married to for almost 20 years! Everything I do is for my family and because of them! I would not be where I am today without them!!

I absolutely love being able to share my art with you and I'm truly humbled that you've come to visit my site!

I can't wait to create something amazing together!


Photo By: Addie Knott  @addieknottphoto

IMG_8973 2.jpg

Photography: @houseofraphoto - Ralena Gordon

The Small Details

Adding and perfecting the small details in my work gives me so much joy! I strive to go above what's expected of me and I truly give my art with my whole heart!! 

Valiant Designs is dedicated to executing top quality work using the highest grade materials in the industry! We are committed to our work and continually educate ourselves in our craft and practice regularly to bring you the newest and hottest trends in the market!!


Photography: @houseofraphoto - Ralena Gordon

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